The “EyePyramid” attacks

Gennaio 13, 2017 Angelo Righi 0

The attacks leveraged a malware named “EyePyramid” to target a dozen politicians, bankers, prominent freemasons and law enforcement personalities in Italy. These included Fabrizio Saccomanni, […]


Luglio 29, 2016 Angelo Righi 0

There is no honor among thieves, as the saying goes, and that includes ransomware crooks. In an apparent move to sabotage a ransomware competitor, the […]

Satana Ransomware Analysis

Luglio 1, 2016 Angelo Righi 0

In this post, we have the benefit of analyzing “malware-in-development” and can observe its growth over the coming weeks. The ransomware is called Satana (devil/satan […]